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This website is a great tool for preplanning a long distance route. It will show you all the charge points for the major charging companies. Remember, you will have needed to subscribe to each charging company first, before you can use their chargers. Visit Zap-Map by clicking here.

Which charging stations can I use?

The map has fantastic search criteria. I would suggest selecting 'Search' > 'by EV Model'. Then you will be sure that the chargers that the map shows will be the correct ones for your car. Check which charger you are going to use at the service station you are aiming for. For 'Fast' charging you need to make sure you have purchased and are carrying a type-2 cable. Make sure too, that your i3 has a DC socket below your normal 7pin AC socket, or you won't be able to use the Rapid chargers. Here is a key of socket types for the i3 supplied by Zap-Map. Click here and select BMW i3 in the drop down menu.

Tip: While you are planning a route where you might need to recharge half way, it is a good idea to call the electric charging company ahead of your journey just to make sure that their chargers are working and not out of order. Zap-map does display this live information, but this info supplied to maps can be delayed or out of date. Checking by phoning might seem a bit daft because you don't call a petrol station to ask if their pumps are working, but while this new technology takes off, it's best to be sure that your journey is not hindered by faulty equipment. Any charger company can remotely check their machines through their computer network and let you know there and then.

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  1. More than 10 million drivers are missing out of cheaper driving. Zap map have a great article on this here: https://www.zap-map.com/11-5-million-drivers-missing-cheaper-motoring

  2. I totally got caught out too when I got to a charger and the screen on the charger didn't work. So anoying. It might be a good idea to phone ahead, cheers.

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